Sunday Morning Services

When Warrior Heart was founded in late 2003, the intent was to offer a support ministry. It wasn’t until almost a decade later we realized that many of the men, women and families that had become involved in our ministry were not regularly attending or active members of a traditional church. It was decided early in 2013 that it was time to offer a traditional Sunday service. While we did not wish to compete with other established churches, we wanted everyone to be plugged into and active in a local church community. So Warrior Heart established Covenant Life Fellowship and we had our first Sunday service on February 3 of 2013.

Over the years Covenant Life has evolved in both understanding and practice. The format of our Sunday morning service is anything but traditional. For a more detailed overview of what to expect, please click on the link below.

You are always welcome!

If you are looking for a church to plug into, please feel free to come and experience our Sunday fellowship.
Services are held each Sunday morning beginning at 10:30 pm and usually end shortly after noon.
The address for these services is as follows:
717 East White Oak Road
West, TX 76691
Proceed down the drive past the houses and thru the open gates to the parking area at the rear of the property.

Bringing our philosophies and theological understanding forward from the ministry, Covenant Life was designed as a multi-denominational covenant based church. Believers from all different denominations and backgrounds are always welcome to attend as often as they like. Those that come to share our beliefs and feel led to join our congregation formally are always encouraged to do so. To review or download our covenant documents, please click on the link below.

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