Founded in 2003, Warrior Heart Ministries Inc. was structured from the beginning to be a not for profit organization in the purest sense. There has never been any paid staff or administration in the organization. As a support ministry, Warrior Heart also funds many outreach and charitable efforts both locally and abroad.

The entire Warrior Heart staff volunteer their efforts and even contribute to the expenses of the organization. We do not solicit outside support and our Boot Camps remain the primary source of revenue for the organization. Even the volunteers that staff these events pay to attend.

While attending a Wild at Heart boot camp in Colorado, John and David heard the message of Christ and what it is to be Christian in a way they had never heard before.

John Eldredge and his team offered a fresh, unfiltered and common sense presentation of the Gospel that was eye opening. At one point, they even approached Eldredge and suggested that he bring his message to Texas, to which he responded, “Our ministry is here in Colorado, if you want it in Texas, then you take it to Texas.”

A few months later, Warrior Heart Ministries was born.

Over the past two decades, Warrior Heart Ministries has grown far past a simple retreat ministry. But the primary mission remains the same:

  • To wake men up
  • To offer a call to arms and show others their worth in the Kingdom
  • To open the eyes of men to the real world around them
  • To encourage them to stand boldly and come to life

The purpose of the message at it's core serves not so much as a call to revival, but as an awakening. A new found awareness and deeper communion with the Holy Spirit in us.

This is not a boys club. Even though Warrior Heart remains primarily a “Men’s Ministry”, a large portion of what is accomplished is not so much for the man being ministered to, but for his wife, his children, his church and his community.

Some of the best feedback the ministry receives comes not from the men who are touched thru the ministry, but from their wives.

Over the years, the ministry has grown tremendously. Today, Warrior Heart is a resource. A multi-denominational refueling station set on refocusing and redirecting Christian men and women in both purpose and vision.