The Warrior Heart Team are all volunteers. None of the men are paid for their efforts.

This is a true ministry. All monies collected by Warrior Heart Ministries whether through donations or retreat registrations goes back into the ministry efforts to purchase equipment and supplies for Warrior Heart Ministries or one of the other ministries supported by Warrior Heart’s efforts.

In September of 2003 two friends attended a Wild at Heart boot camp in Colorado.There, they heard the message of Jesus in a way that they had never heard it before.

John Eldredge and his team had a fresh, no-nonsense presentation of the scripture that was both refreshing and eye-opening. At one point, they suggested to Eldredge that he brings his message to central Texas, to which his response was, “Our ministry is here in Colorado, if you want it in Texas, then you take it to Texas.”

The goal of Warrior Heart Ministries may be summed up as follows:

  • To wake up men
  • To offer a call to arms and show men their worth
  • To open the eyes of men to the real world around them
  • To get them to stand up and come to life
  • Bullet point

The retreats themselves are not so much a revival, but an awakening.

This is not a boys’ club. Even though Warrior Heart Ministries is primarily a “Men’s Ministry”, a large portion of what is accomplished is not so much for the man being ministered to, but also for his wife and his children.

Some of the best feedback the ministry receives comes not from the men who are touched by the ministry, but from their wives. Although the ministry’s main event is the retreat, Warrior Heart Ministries is not a “Retreat Ministry.”

The ministry is much more than a one-weekend, one-time message. Warrior Heart Ministries is a resource: a multi-denominational refueling station. Throughout the year the ministry works with Churches, Businesses and other organizations to offer a variety of services.